The beginning

I have been a collector of ‘things’ all my life. When I was growing up I used to collect stickers and cards and comics and toys, all the things that get you hooked.

By the time I had reached university, I was in love with car boot sales and charity shops - I loved seeing other people’s lives laid out for you to see (and buy). My love of photography and art, meant that the things I collected all had their own inherent aesthetic interest to me, whether it was a scrap of paper that I found on the floor, or a discarded design classic. I had my ‘files’, A4 clear plastic folders full of paper ephemera, book covers, illustrations, photographs - all that I would use as inspiration for my artwork.

At the end of my university days and the dawn of the personal computer age, I started a new kind of collection. I got my first computer (one that wasn’t a Sinclair Spectrum or Commodore 64), and my digital hoarding began. I collected images, sound files, scanned in my own ‘files’, all whilst producing my own photographs, illustrations and graphic design.

Anyway (to cut a long story short), this site is going to document all of my current collections from car boot sales, charity shops, vintage and flea markets, and anything along the way. I have amassed a vast haul of objects over the last 4-5 years, mainly centred around cameras, photography, photographic equipment and memorabilia.

I have also been documenting the ‘found’ photography, or ‘mystery films’ that get left behind in cameras - which I get processed and printed, and see what has been hidden for all these years.

I am not much of a wordsmith, so the majority of the posts will be images - with a little bit of text, so as not to bore you.

This site will also bleed into another idea that I had about a ‘swap/shop’ - I have a lot of interest on Instagram about my objects, and often people want to own them - so this will be a place that you can get in touch with me and either offer something to swap with me, or cold-hard-cash for the object of your desire. I am new to Tumblr, so once I get things up and running, contact me.

Cheers Neil

Neil RichardsComment