I am a big fan of film photography and I was really pleased when Ilford Photo and Harman Technology Ltd launched the free resource www.localdarkroom.com to help photographers find local darkroom facilities, as it is something I am keen to do myself.

As a web designer, I thought that the site could do with a different approach - looking at the branding, user experience and adding some new features, so I took some time to sketch out some UX ideas and then put together this concept.

The site would work responsively, so each module would scale and wrap according to content hierarchy, with strong call to action buttons and new pictograms to indicate the different types of darkroom listings on the map. The map would also be simplified so that it is just ONE map with the different facilities on it (not multiple pages). It would include a postcode search and filters to show the different darkroom types ( Public / Private / Tuition / Wanted ), so the user experience would be a lot easier to search or post a listing.

There are a few new features that I would include; Newly listed darkrooms (a bit like a newsfeed) & User galleries (to spotlight some of the photography being created by local photographers).  

There's a lot more I would like to do on the site, including the Login / Register process, the Map, and Darkroom Profile pages - so if ‪@ILFORDPhoto‬ would like to get in touch, I could come and chat to you (as a Knutsford local designer).