I have been following the progress of the Marvel film Ant-Man for quite some time, it was going to be the perfect film for me combining the writing of both Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish with Edgar Wright in the director's chair. Unfortunately it was not to be, but the film still looks like a good superhero romp with some lovely visual styling.

Some of the marketing for the film has been really interesting and fun, especially these miniature billboards and bus shelter viral campaigns, playing with the scale of real-life objects.

Some of the fan-art has also been innovative and interesting (like these posters over on Poster Posse round 1 & round 2), so I had an idea for poster and decided to design it over the last few days.

I love the idea of Ant-Man interacting with everyday objects and how the change in scale causes these inanimate objects to become more foreboding. I had the idea of showing Ant-Man (Scott Lang) on Hank Pym's desk with regular office equipment, but he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders (as a desktop mini-Globe) like the Greek God Atlas.