When I knew I was moving to Melbourne last year, one of the first things I did was to investigate where I could buy camera film - finding FilmNeverDie on instagram reassured me that film photography was alive and well in Australia. When I came over to activate my visa last June, I popped into the shop in Parkville and met the co-Founder Gary, we chatted cameras and I bought some film and he let me in on his plans to open a café in the heart of the city.

Fast-forward to 12 months later, and those plans have become a reality - with a lot of hard work and support, FilmNeverDie has opened on prestigious Bourke Street in the the CBD, harmoniously sharing a space with Magnet Galleries Melbourne - a perfect partnership to compliment each other. The café looks set to become a hub for film photographers in Melbourne, with inspirational exhibitions, camera experts, reconditioned cameras and film for sale and Melbourne's all important lifeblood - COFFEE!

Yesterday's launch party was a great success, with so many photographers and enthusiasts filling the space - with practical examples of instant film on a wide range of cameras and free coffee served by moustachioed barista and photographer Peter Dorkota.

It was also a chance for me to see FilmNeverDie's curated exhibition, 'Polaroid Resurrection', which was first exhibited earlier this year before travelling to Malaysia over the Winter - a great companion piece to Michael Coyne’s series ‘The Weather is different a few miles away’ of the Yi People in China.

I would highly recommend dropping in to see the exhibition, grab a coffee and maybe you'll be inspired to pick up a camera for yourself.

FilmNeverDie Café  
Level 2, 640 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD
Mon - Fri ; 7-6 pm , Sat & Sun; 10-6 pm