While I was back in the UK, I bought a Kodak No 2 Folding Autographic Brownie camera from Cheddar car boot sale for £5. One day my Dad suggested that we should drive over to Lacock Abbey - the home of (William Henry) Fox Talbot - creator of the first photographic negative back in 1835. I thought this would be the perfect place to try out my latest purchase.

Living in a small countryside village meant that I didn't have access to camera shops that would stock 120mm film, so we headed out and hoped to find somewhere on the way (I was hoping that Lacock Abbey would have some in the gift shop). When we arrived at Lacock we stumbled upon a small antique shop, with cameras and photographic paraphernalia - I spotted some expired Ilford XP2 120mm film and snapped it up for £4!

I watched a YouTube video on how to load and shoot with the Kodak Brownie, popped the film into the camera and started to shoot. I found the camera to be quite charming, the way that the shutter speed was explained with 'Brilliant', 'Clear', 'Gray', 'Dull' and 'Very Dull' to accompany the speeds.

The results were really surprising, I was so glad that they came out and maintained that antique feel to them. I think the look of them is a combination of the camera, lens, light leaks and the expired nature of the film. Ilford XP2 is C41 processing, so it meant I could get it developed fairly easily and then scan it at home on my Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II flatbed scanner.