A few months ago, I had the idea to redesign the Michaels Camera website - the original site (view screenshot) had been the same for a long time and as an avid fan of the shop I wanted to design a site that matched the community that shops there.

The plan was to complete my homepage design and then contact Michaels to see whether they would be interesting in using my services to audit the content, UX & UI and book it as a real project. The last few months have been ridiculously busy in my personal life, so the design was only completed yesterday, in the time it took me to finish, there have just launched a new site!

I would still be very much interested in working with them on the site, whether they would like to use elements of my design or to get in contact about future projects (maybe the Camera Museum needs it's own site?!) - so if anyone at Michaels would like to get in touch, you can email me here.

I based the design on the original navigation, with a few minor amends - but tried to create feature content to steer the user through to the relevant areas of the site. I wanted to have an uncomplicated design, with a clean colour palette, a simple responsive grid system and strong imagery.

I wanted to experiment with the contrast of the product images, so I produced a couple of variants, to see how the page would flow. It's always good to try out different versions of a design, as you can get to engrossed in the details and forget about the overall flow.