Have you ever wondered what a mash-up of the television series ‘Game of Thrones’ and Crufts dog show would look like? ‘Yes’ you all cheer.
Well then I guess Game of Crufts is the quiz you have been waiting for.

The site was designed me and built by Chris Gibson of, a couple of nerds with some spare time on their hands.



I came up with the idea for the quiz whilst watching Crufts dog show on the sofa with my wife. I noticed that the names of the dogs were really similar to characters from Game of Thrones, and knowing how bad my wife is with the names I started quizzing her.

It was good fun and I thought others would enjoy it so I took to Twitter, asking friends to have a go. Chris was interested (and scored highly!) and said that if I designed it, then he would build it. I polished up some Photoshop files of dogs in the characters clothing, added some poor puns, put a database of names together and Chris had the working version up and running really quickly.