"You've got red on you"

A3 (297mm x 420mm) on A2 paper
2 colour / Limited edition screenprint - only a few left to purchase.

Only £15.00 + P&P

Please note, due to the nature of screenprinting, the colour, alignment and bleed is different for each print - making them unique.



"The Cornetto Trilogy" or the "Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy" as it is also known, has so many clever linking themes running throughout each film.
My concept was to take an iconic symbol from each film to put inside the Cornetto (like the Flake on a 99 ice cream) and combine it with a quote and the colour associated with the Cornetto

The process of screenprinting (by hand) created such unique results, it really added to the finish of the print, especially where the ink bleeds and it gives a very literal feeling of the blood splatters from the film.

After a brief conversation with the director Edgar Wright over Twitter, he sent me a signed copy of one of his film posters and I sent him a copy of this print.

PS. Dogs CAN look up.